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Welcome and introduction

Session 1:

1.1 Prof. J.R. Hess - Coagulopathy in the Emergency Department

1.2 Prof. R.P. Dutton - Coagulopathy in the O.R.

1.3 Prof. T. Lisman - Coagulopathy in the ICU and multiorgan failure

Session 2:

2.1 Dr. L.B. Holst - RBC Transfusion In The Critically Ill -
Implications of TRISS

2.2 Prof. J.R. Hess - RBC storage age – What does the data tell us?

Session 3:

3.1 Prof. S.A: Tisherman - Emergency Preservation and Resuscitation

3.2 Prof. J.B. Holcomb - The Houston Approach

3.3 Prof. M. Maegele - Haemostatic resuscitation: What is to drive the therapy?

3.4 Dr. J. Stensballe - The Copenhagen Concept

Session 4:

4.1 Prof. C.M. Samama - Antidotes to DOACs - what’s the status?

4.2 Prof. T. Lisman - DOACs in liver disease – is there a problem?

4.3 Dr. S.R. Ostrowski NOACs - Treatment of bleeding

Session 6:

6.1 Prof. J.B. Holcomb - Ratios in Trauma: PROPPR

6.3 Dr. A.J. Wikkelsø - Fibrinogen in postpartum haemorrhage

6.4 Prof. R.P. Dutton - National Transfusion Practice

Haemonetics symposium:

1. Prof. P.I. Johansson - TEG 6s data

Session 7:

Prof. P.I. Johansson - TACTIC intro

7.3 Dr. S.R. Ostrowski - Endotheliopathy

Session 8:

8.1 Prof. M. Maegele - Fibrinogen: What does the current evidence tell us?

8.2 Prof. J.B. Holcomb - Plasma Products: Thawed, Liquid, Dried and Beyond

8.3 Prof. J.R. Hess - New factor concentrates on the way to the market

Session 10:

10.1 Prof. C.M. Samama - Monitoring of DOACs

10.2 Dr. S. Sølbeck TEG® monitoring of dabigatran

10.3 Dr. S.R. Ostrowski Viscoelastic haemostatic assays in sepsis

10.4 Prof. P.I. Johansson - Next generation viscoelastic haemostatic assays and platelets function testing

Session 11:

11.1 Prof. J.B. Holcomb - Prehospital Hemorrhage Control and Resuscitation

11.2 Prof. K. Brohi - Thoracotomy and REBOA

11.3 Prof. R.P. Dutton - Haemodynamic Monitoring

Session 11: Haemorrhagic shock – interventions and monitoring in the early phase of transport and onward | PRESENTATIONS


Session 11: Haemorrhagic shock – interventions and monitoring in the early phase of
transport and onward | DISCUSSION
We apologize for the sub-optimal sound quality!

Session 12:

12.1 Prof. S.A. Tisherman - Effects of Hypothermia

Session 13:

13.1 Prof. J.B. Holcomb - Endpoints in Hemorrhagic Shock Studies

We look forward to see you in 2017!



Prof. K. Brohi, UK

Prof. R.P. Dutton, USA

Dr. C. Gaarder, Norway

Prof. J.R. Hess, USA

Prof. J.B. Holcomb, USA

Dr. L.B. Holst, Denmark

Dr. N. Juffermans, The Netherlands

Prof. T. Lisman, The Netherlands

Prof. M. Maegele, Germany

Dr. S.R. Ostrowski, Denmark

Prof. A. Perner, Denmark

Prof. C.M. Samama, France

Dr. J. Steinmetz, Denmark

Prof. S.A. Tisherman, USA

Prof. C.E. Wade, USA

Dr. A.J. Wikkelsø, Denmark





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